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Daniel Thobias is production designer located in north western Ohio. He works at The University of Toledo where he teaches a variety of design and technology classes.


He graduated from University of North Carolina School of the Arts with an MFA in design and he has an undergraduate design degree from UC Berkeley. He is originally from Sweden, but has resided in The United States for about 20 years.


He is a production designer in its truest sense with expertise in both costume and set design. He is equally comfortable tackling costume design challenges in fittings as discussing architectural design aesthetics in a scene shop. He is known as a versatile designer well equipped to tackle a multitude of design problems. He likes to work in a variety of media and is always interested in new ways to express design. He doesn't necessarily adhere to a specific aesthetic, but tend to drift toward a clean line look.


Please take a moment to explore this website!


~Daniel Thobias


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